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Welcome to Forshagaforsen!

Forshagaforsen has some of the best salmon-fishing waters in the Nordic region. From our veranda you can see salmon jumping in the rapids if you are lucky. The salmon and trout fishing in the Klarälven river, particularly in Forshagaforsen, is unique and exceptional not only in Sweden but also the rest of the world. We offer salmon and trout fishing, with the world’s largest freshwater salmon. There are zones for fly-fishing and spinning; wading and boat fishing. 2,5 km divided in four zones.

Zone 1:

Located downstream from the power station. Only fly-fishing is permitted with any kind of line and a single hook. Boat fishing. 3 tourist permits.

Zone 2:

Our golden zone.  Wading or fishing from an anchored board, depending on the water level. When wading, no fishing can take place from a boat. Wading can normally start from the beginning of July. 4 tourist permits.

Zone 3:

Here you can fish in different ways. Fly-fishing with any kind of line and a single hook, spinning with flies. You can fish from land or from an anchored boat. 4 tourist permits.

Zone 4:
Here you can fly-fish or spin. Boat fishing or land fishing from the western side of the zone. Harling fishing is permitted.

View over the lower parts of zone 4 in wintertime


Prebooking for all zones from 20 May to 15 October. Map of the zones are available on site.

The fishing area in Forshagaforsen is relatively fast moving with a stretch of rapids, particularly in zone 2. Downstream from the road bridge, the river is calmer and there is good accessibility to zones 4-6 from the western side.

The Sport Fishing Centre is the best starting point for fishing in zones 1-3. Here you can hire boats and get tourist information. Zone bookings are possible for groups.

Forshagaforsen Sport Fishing Centre works as a centre for salmon fishing in Forshagaforsen, where you can book, get fishing information, hire boats and get catch reports. You can hire sport fishing equipment from us, find out about other fishing waters in the area and buy fishing permits.

There is wind protection on the banks of the river with barbecues that you can use. In the same building/area as the Sport Fishing Centre is also the Forshagaforsen camp site with cabins.
For more information about camping, visit:

How to get here:
The Forshagaforsen fishing conservation area is situated in central Forshaga, 20 km north of Karlstad. It is about 15 km from Karlstad airport. Take route 62 from Karlstad to Forshaga. Follow the signs (fishing signs and information signs) along route 62 for the Sport Fishing Centre. The address is Industrileden 2, Forshaga. GPS WGS84: Lat: 59º 31 597 Long: 13º 29 553, GPS RT90: x: 6602985 y: 1369133

Information and booking: 
Forshagaforsens Sportfiskecenter
Tel. +46 54 87 68 30
Open Monday to Saturday between June and September
Open at limited times at all other times.

Payment information:
Ibannr: SE 1995 0000 9960 4215 5656 41